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Kevin Thornley

ZEN is meditation. ARCHY is social order. ZENARCHY is the social order which springs from meditation.

Filled with the wit and wisdom of Ho Chi Zen, a familiar character to readers of Cosmic Trigger and the Illuminatus! trilogy, Thornley delivers a collection of entertaining tales from the past designed to teach, amuse and delight. Zenarchy is a way of Zen applied to social life. A non-combative, non-participatory, no-politics approach to anarchy intended to get the serious student thinking. In the words of Antero Alli, author of Angel Tech and other rebellious manifestoes: "Zenarchist everywhere will be delighted... an arsenal of strange loops and fractal surprises... don't leave OM without it!" Enjoy!


For Camden Benares and Robert Anton Wilson

Chapter 1: Face of the Unborn

Chapter 2: The Birth of Zenarchy

Chapter 3: Son of Zenarchy

Chapter 4: Zen Games, Zenarchy Counter-Games

Chapter 5: Yin Revolution

Chapter 6: The No Politics

Chapter 7: The Care and Feeding of Zenarchy

Chapter 8: Zenarchy Stories


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